Welcome to the International Emerging Co-op Researchers page!

Who is this website for?

This site is for anyone studying co-operatives who isn’t already established in their field.  You could be:

– a high school student looking for a university program that will take your love of the co-op movement to the next level;

– a Ph.D. student who has just found out that a particular co-op makes a rich case study as part of your dissertation;

– a new member relations officer needing to discover and communicate how participation within her co-op sets it apart from its competitors;

– and on, and on.

OK, that could include me, too.  But why would I need this site?

The world of co-ops is highly diverse in sector, industry, organizational form, scale, ideology, and geography.  This diversity is an incredible strength, but also makes for a very fragmented world that is hard for the uninitiated to navigate.  Young academics can find themselves studying in isolation in departments without advisors that understand co-ops.  Staff of small co-ops may find themselves reinventing the wheel trying to measure their co-op’s social impacts.  Conferences are great for exposure, but what if you need more than a chance encounter in a crowded room?

Alright, so what does this site have to offer?


The ECR Network: More than just a directory of fellow-travelers, this searchable, sortable database is enriched with user-submitted links that let us share what we know, and even collaborate!

– Opportunities and Resources: A list of opportunities particularly relevant to emerging co-op researchers, both inside and outside of academics.

– Converse!: This page is where network members share news, announcements, and discussions.

– Careers In/Through Co-op Research: A forum for established co-op researchers to share their stories on how they got where they’re at: advice, tips, recommendations, and cautionary tales.





2 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Decoding the cover image: Pine trees => co-operatives. Owls => wisdom. Young owls => young seekers of wisdom. Sticking one’s head out of a tree => emerging. Deep, eh?

  2. Hey, “Emily M,” I was just notified you’re following this page. Please contact me at justin.b.ellerby at gmail dot com to get hooked up to the forthcoming new version of this site and to be invited to participate in a Web panel presentation for ECRs. Thanks!

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